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Here are some common questions:

How can I contact you?
Check out the "Contacts" page at the top for my business inquiries as well as commenting below.

Where do I subscribe?
You can subscribe by email on the left side as well as logging into your gmail account. You'll be notify for any updates on my blog.

Who made this blog layout?
I used blogger's premade layouts and gadgets, but the background is by "Shabbyblogs". I am not sponsored by them. The blog header is created by myself with photoshop.

What is your blog covering?
I cover mainly beauty, fashion, and lifestyle points. But if there's a topic that you would like me to cover then please do. You can comment in one of my posts and I'll be gladly to respond. I post every Tuesday and Saturday so check back daily.

------------Updated @5/30/15---------------

If there's a question about my blog that I have not covered above then please comment down below. I will be also adding those in my FAQ.

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