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Jun 30, 2015

Fashion life hack series: 10 wardrobe essentials

1) pencil skirt 

This is a pretty basic item for any girls' wardrobe. It's classy and alluring for those night outs or business meetings. Black is preferable as it fits for almost many tops and colors. 

2) white v-neck 

Now, casual days are all about casual clothing. Need something neutral then try wearing a white v-neck shirt or at least a tee. They come in all colors and emphasizes the chest area more with that V design. 

3) skinny jeans 

Skinny jeans are pretty self explanatory. I mean who doesn't have at least one pair of skinny jeans? It gives off the illusion of longer legs and pairs off well with any shoes, tops, and accessories. I highly recommend being extraordinary and find some bright colors. 

4) cross body purse 

Cross body purse is not always a must for everyone. But if you're in a casual date then this purse would be great to bring along. Not only is it subtle, but it's more secure to your body. 

5) tights 

You can't go wrong with some tights. Great for cold days, hide leg hair, and feeling sexier under skirts. They come in amazing designs, patterns, colors, and style. They really come in handy for any occasion. 

6) High heels 

Need a way to elongate your legs? Don't worry heels are a life saver. It makes almost any outfit really gorgeous. I know it can be tricky at first, but start off at a short heel and work your way up to those sexy 6 in. stilettos. Perfect for a date night and a casual day when you're not in the mood to wear sneakers.   

7) Flannel 

Flannels are perfect for all outfits. They make it a little more casual and sometimes it can spice up the look. With different patterns, they help make your clothing stand out especially with check print. 

8) Ankle boots 

Ankle boots look nice with a dress or a pair of jeans. Looks natural and sophisticated at the same time. Having ankle boots with a lace up are super cute so be sure to look for some. 

9) Button down shirts

Button down shirts are kinda like flannels. They are wearable as a shirt, cardigan, or an accessory such as hanging it around your waist. Good for many occasions especially during interviews or meetings. A variety of colors to choose and most are in a reasonable price. 

10) bandeau 

Bandeaus make a cut in our drawers. Comfy to wear at home and outdoors. It's useful whenever you're in a mood to wearing a side less tank. It's bold and daring especially the colors and designs. 

Hopefully this gives you some helpful tips when shopping for clothes. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Jun 27, 2015

8 glasses a day keeps the doctor away

We all have heard, "You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water!!" Almost many of us have neglect this because 
a) It can be hectic and tiring 
b) Too much will lead to lots of urine
c) We don't think about health benefits 

So, let's change our bad habits of not drinking enough. Girls like us must need water for so many reasons. I guaranteed that you'll feel stronger, better, and happier. Here are some benefits and tips to be hydrated:

-Easy to lose weight 
-Healthy hair/skin
-Ridding body toxins
-Reduce risk of cancer 
-Boost energy 
-Prevent constipation
-Healthy heart 

1) Detox water/tea 

So, I've been stressing this out almost everywhere and who doesn't love flavored water? There are tons of recipes to create your own detox water. It's real simple! My go-to favorite is adding slice strawberries and lemon with a bit of spearmint leaves. And if you wanna try something soothing, drink detox tea. Lots of young women have drink detox tea everywhere they go. They flush out the toxins, improve circulatory, promote happiness, and increase chances of weight loss. Seriously, my favorite fashionista have at least tried detox tea. Most of the ones I've seen were Fruitteatox, Skinnytea, and Yourtea. Try it. You might like it as well. 

2) Fruits

Nobody likes to repeatedly drink water especially when we need those 8 glasses. Fruits are packed with vital nutrients and consist of 80% of water. That's really enough to help you get to 8 glasses a day. Fruits like watermelon and strawberries have 92% of water so better results comes from these fruits. Plus, spice up these fruits by blending into a smoothie, freeze them to popsicles, or throwing them into good old water like I said before. Not only are they tasty, but they benefit skin, hair, and overall mood. 

3) Hydrating face mask 

Let's talk about brightening your complexion. Of course intaking fluids do increase healthy performance, but let's not forget about our beautiful skin. It's important to treat the skin with lots of love. And staying hydrated is one thing. Start by using hydrating face masks as they reduce pimples, brighten/firm the skin, has anti-aging properties, and prevent dryness. There are some amazing ones out there, but if you're low on a budget then opt for diy facial masks. The more natural, the better. And the more chemicals, the worse. It's recommended that using a hydrating every 2 weeks. Trust me, your skin will thank you. 

4) Bathing in water 

Taking a shower or bath have some benefits of improving hair growth/shine, beautiful complexion, and relieve stress. After a long day, soaking in nice warm water eases the nerves. Toss in a bath bomb and add some peaceful music. I've also seen some people try a mud bath at home and why not? Nobody is in the bathtub so be bold. Mud baths are great to promote your skin. If you're more of a shower person then don't worry, there's still hope. Cooling water is beneficial to lock in pores and hair follicles. This will increase shine and brighten the skin. 

It's amazing how water is such an important element. Without it, you could risk serious consequences. Needless to say, stay hydrated as much as you can because water is zero in calories and has no cost. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Jun 23, 2015

Ootd: Casually Stylish


                Top: Yesstyle
                Flannel: Wet seal
                Shorts: Forever 21
                Shoes: Nordstrom 

Today, I decided to be a little more tom boyish, yet stylish. Usually, I'm so bland when finding clothes in my closet, but finding inspiration on Instagram has help creating this look. 

My flannel and shorts were given by my sis, yet I bought the NY shirt and Sperrys. 

I love how this top is so breathable to wear and it's slightly transparent, but overall it's versatile. My flannel was a bit tight at the back, but the light color was so easy to wear in the summer. The shorts had two buttons at the front for extra security so I didn't had to worry about it falling off. And lastly, the Sperrys came in a navy blue unlike the original color which I definitely prefer because khaki/tan wasn't my style. 

Thanks for taking your time! 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Jun 20, 2015

Being independent is okay

I remember looking at the popular girls at my school and comparing their life to mine. I know it isn't healthy because all I could see was the glamorous life they take upon. It would make me feel so miserable that they have this gorgeous life that any girl would want. But one day, I've finally realized the important aspects of my seclusive life even if it wasn't as glamorous as the girls at school. 

Being an independent girl doesn't mean being antisocial. They can be define as strong, intelligent, and understanding. Having this lifestyle isn't a bad thing because it really allows us to be free and true. We have the ability to learn through failure, careless of other thoughts, and enjoy being ourselves. 

People always make a mistake. I mean it's a natural skill and in return we learn to fix it. But learning to fix the problem on our own is more crucial than having some else. Why? It shows perseverance and bravery. Also, it helps to practice making good decisions and learn problem solving skills. Independent means avoiding dependency from anyone. Ladies, don't be afraid to risk on your own. Be bold and daring. 

There are two types of girls out there: ones who care and ones who don't. Mainly, seclusive women tend to avoid the rude comments because it doesn't really matter at all to them. We don't have any insecurities since we trust so much on ourselves than others. Now, not everyone is completely okay with this skill because there will be a time when you do feel like shit, but it's alright. Don't worry. Fake it till you make it. Keep this skill in your head even with a couple of mistakes and eventually it'll be like second nature. 

Lastly, independency help discover ourselves and true passion. Finding interesting hobbies, knowing what we desire, and defining our true personality is a way to learn who we are as an individual. Everyone is not the same nor perfect. There's many people in different sizes, looks, character, skills, interests, and the list just goes on. But the most important aspect that an individual girl would be is having her own freedom. Freedom gives out many options from looks to personality. Researching your own body and mind does have an impact. We start to feel comfortable in our own body and accept changes that may or may not. Overall, giving yourself some time and focus could allow us to learn our true colors. 

After being seclusive to the outside world, I understand more about myself and how to be brave enough to conquer negativity. There's really no shame having this character because only YOU can bring out the best. Remember to hold your head up high and love yourself.

I really thank you guys for reading this post and hopefully it inspires you to feel okay being independent at times. Even if you aren't that kind of person, it would be wonderful to have a day off and learn something new. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Jun 16, 2015

Feel accomplish for this summer

So, summer has kicked in for almost everyone and let's just say it's a great time to relax and have fun. But if you were so caught up in school or work, you'd probably didn't have time for your goals like staying fit, mastering your skills, and leisure time. Right now is a good opportunity to catch up on activities you've missed. 

Let's start off by listing some stuff that you've always had planned, but never had the time to do so. It could be your new year's resolutions, movies/shows, sketching, dancing, your youtube channel, blog, or being fit. Try to list as many as you can especially the ones you couldn't finish during the school period. 

Next, set a schedule of how this is going to be achieved. For me, I made two schedule that alternates every other day. They consist of four activities for which only one changes every other day. Yours may vary depending on what activities you plan to do and how many you have. Be creative on your schedule. It's up to you on whatever makes you feel comfortable. 

Take action for your goals to be a reality. Find ways to make it happen that's either from tutorials or inspiration. You can't just magically finish your goal unless you know how it can be accomplish. So, research anything that will reach your purpose.

I know it can be tough accomplishing something when we don't have the will. At some point, we feel the adrenaline that's telling us this is the moment to shine. And by the next day, that feeling is gone. Being motivated is an easy task. All you need to do is find an inspiration that will keep you going such as your favorite model, food, quotes, or comments. For example, you want to have that bikini body, but no power to workout. Then try finding your favorite model and think about how awesome it would be to have that body. Remind yourself what outcome will happen if you stay focus. 

After learning the steps to reach your goal, now is the time to be consistent. I know being consistent is more pressuring because it can be tiring and boring. Nobody is perfect at everything, you need to practice, practice, practice. It's the key ingredient because there aren't any short cuts. Understand we can't instantly reach our target the next day. It may take days, weeks, or even months. Remember that summer is the only place where you have all this free time and don't waste it to easily. Be productive and stay consistent to your objective.

Remind yourself the steps above and you'll surely be in a great outcome. You're going to feel so confident and stress-free once you achieve it. Work hard and stay motivated for this summer. 

"Before giving up, remember why you started... "

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Jun 13, 2015

Fashion life hacks series: 7 Household items for pick-me ups

Hello Sunshine! I've decided to solve every girl's fashion dilemma with a new series called, "Fashion Life Hacks." Basically, I will be committed to post about easy touch ups, unbelievable items for your clothes, and many interchangeable fashion items to save you time and money. 

Did you know that most of your household items are a life saver to quick fixes? Unbelievable, right? So, here are 7 household items that are hella useful to you and your lovely apparel:

1) Hairspray 

Hairspray has many uses besides smoothing fly-aways. They are perfect for stopping runs on your tights. Runs are those scary ladder patterns kinda like ripped jeans, but on tights. And seriously, it isn't that attractive as you think unless you're like a vampire. Just spray an inch away from the tights and voila! Now, this will lessen the appearance and reduce it from becoming any larger. 

Also, hairspray is wonderful for removing lipstick. We are all victims of accidentally spilling our lip product onto our beautiful outfits. But don't worry, hairspray makes an amazing remover. Spray it on the lipstick stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Then wipe it off and it should come right out. Afterwards, you can wash it as usual for better results.

2) Vinegar 

Vinegar has been an all-time favorite for mothers. They get the job done for many situations and proven to help keep our clothes in top-notch. Try using white distilled vinegar since they have no tannins nor any dyed plus its inexpensive. 

Everyone has a pair of leather shoes right? They usually have water stains. Pour vinegar and cold water into a spray bottle and shake it a few times. Now, spray it on the stain and it should be gone. Easy right? 

Jeans are vulnerable to fading away in the washing machine especially the dark fabrics. Just, add 1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar to the last wash cycle and there you go. Washed jeans without a sight of color change.

3) Nail polish remover 

Every girl must have a bottle of nail polish remover. They also have a place for saving any dirty shoes. Dab some nail polish remover onto the dirt and wipe it off with a piece of napkin or cloth. Make sure that the nail polish remover is acetone-free or else it could eat up the material especially if it's man made. 

You can also try it on your clothes for tough stains. But this can be too risky because there could be a high chance that it will mess up the clothing. So, use with caution!

4) Stale bread 

Did you know stale bread is a wonderful stain remover for suede? Suede is a delicate material kinda like a plush cushion. With that delicate material, of course it will get dirt easily. So, using your stale bread will definitely remove any mud or dirt. Just use the crust and rub it off gently. Having stale bread is an amazing remover, but don't keep it when it gets moldy. 

5) Ice 

We all have at least one pair of heels in our closet. But at times, when we keep these high heels, they can be a little too tight. Don't worry! Ice does a well done job. Place a couple of ice into a ziploc bag and snug it in the heels where your toes are. Put it in the freezer to avoid melting for about a few hours and your shoes should be stretched.

6) Razor 

You probably hate those "pills" or shedding fuzzies lying around your sweaters or any fabric. That's when razors come in handy. To begin, lay out your apparel on a flat surface (floor, table, desk). With your razor, shave the pills in a downward motion gently. Be careful though! The razor might accidentally cut off any excess fabric, thread, or buttons. Do it with caution and at your own risk. It's also recommended that you use an old razor that you're not planning to use anymore. 

7. Straws 

Hoodies are essential for a lazy and casual look. But sometimes, we have those pesky drawstrings that come out and difficult to place back. Don't worry, my dear. Luckily, straws have a purpose in fixing problems. Thread the drawstring into the straw and direct it inside and it should be back where it belongs. Not only does it work for hoodies, but it can also be use on shorts and sweatpants. 

Easy-peasy pick-me ups that are quick, useful, and available in the house. I hope you guys try these methods out and stay tune for more "Fashion Life Hacks." 

See ya later! Ciao ^__^
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Jun 9, 2015

Summer skincare startup

Summer is a great vacation. Saying goodbye to time consuming homework, groggy mornings, and painful exams. And with all the stress you've put, your skin must be exhausted. Now, it's a great way to replenish for the next three months with basic skincare tips for the hot and humid weather.

1) Hydration
Let's start with water. It's an essential element that makes up about 75% of our body. It's a way for cleansing the impurities on the inside and without water, our organs and tissues won't function properly. Our skin needs lots of moisture and only water can perfect this task. Helping to replenish the skin's elasticity, this my dear, will delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you want better results, try drinking water with a squeeze of lemon. 

Cold shower is a refreshing way to begin your summer. It rejuvenates the skin and calms your nerves to reduce stress. Soak in cold water for 2-3 min. Try not to stay long or you might catch a cold and your natural oils will be stripped. And if you are too sensitive to the cold, go for lukewarm-cool water. A cold shower eliminates redness and tightens your pores which allows easy makeup application. 

Now, water can be boring in its own especially when we're in dire need of flavor. So spice it up with a variety of fruits with a hint of mint leaves. Common favorites I've seen are lemons, strawberries, oranges, cherries, blueberries, and cucumber. Mix n' match and be creative with your water. A tasty water is a healthy water. Fruits lose their nutrients pretty quick so make sure you trash them within 5-6 hours. Not only is it delicious, it's another way for to burn fat.

Next is moisturizer. It is your behold essential! Skin consist of water and most of it comes from moisturizer. And I know, you're probably thinking, "Moisturizer makes my face oilier!" This isn't always true. I know for myself that I have oily skin and omigosh the first time I used a moisturizer, I've notice my face was all shiny and slipping with grease. Eww! And the answer to this is the type of moisturizer. So, you wanna find one that's oil-free and water-based. Trust me, it'll change your life. Your skin is gonna feel so good and reenergize. A good moisturizer will hydrate and replenish the nutrients. Caution note: Everyone has different skin, so not all moisturizer with these essential will give you great results. Research and explore. 

2) Sun protection 
Summer is also the time for a beautiful tan, but staying under the sun for too long can result in sun burn. Nobody wants a sun burn. It's suffocating and hurts like hell! 

Sunscreen is one of the most basic products when going against the rays. Find one that's waterproof with spf of 25. Research have shown that exerting the recommended spf could take you on a trip for skin cancer. So let's not be hasty and try out a sun block of spf of 75. You wanna grab one for your face and one for the body. Using a sunscreen made for your body isn't always great stabbing it onto your face. It's much thicker and could possibly clog the pores. Trust me, I've been there.

Lip balms are crucial as humid and hot weather do make your lips crack and chip. Why does it do this? Because lips are easier to be drying since the uv rays not only burn skin, but fracture lips. So, do look for one with spf of 15. Also, they come in different scents. Go for a coconut smell for that summer feeling. Having kissable lips looks amazing under the sun. It's recommended to wear lip balm each day for to prevent drying. Once you wear it everyday, your lips will be amazing as the season change. 

Floppy hats are a great summer essential. They come in different sizes, colors, and styles. Plus, they make a wonderful protection for your face. It's kinda like wearing a nice helmet on a hot day. But be sure the color isn't black or else, your head might be boiling. Nonetheless, floppy hats are a must in every girl's wardrobe and they benefit, so it's a win-win. 

Sunglasses are a must and a trend for the summer. No matter how much you cover your eyes, it will be irritating and red. If you don't know, the sun reflects off the ground mainly from snow and ice. Protecting yourself with sun glasses is a good way to avoid exhausted red eyes at the beach. And it's also a summer fashion essential that will look complete with any outfit. There are tons out there and most are pretty cheap. 

These are basic tips for healthy skin and body. Be sure to follow these steps for a wonderful summer. Again, stay hydrated and protect yourself with lots of sun block. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Jun 6, 2015

Where do you find happiness?

Hey guys! So I remember there were times when I was so happy as well as other times I fall into depression. I mean everyone has gone through this, right? Basically, where on earth do people find this positive feeling?

Lately, I've notice different patterns of happiness in people by the way they react and how they feel. Usually, when someone receives a desirable item, we become so blessed by this offer that it's overwhelming. Let's say for money, the more we have, the better our life will be. But this isn't exactly true. People say that money can solve problems, but if you take that as an advantage, we would think, "Oh this isn't enough, I need more!" We take happiness in the wrong direction because the only way to feel good is to desire things we can't have. 

One thing that most people have not tried is focusing on the things we have in our hands. There are so many attributes that we're gifted, yet we see it in a negative way. Some may say, 
              "I don't look pretty"
                "I'm overweight"
               "I wish I was her"
               "I'm really stupid"
                 "I can't do this"
             "I want to be popular"

Everyone is a victim for shaming themselves. We're so focus on criticizing ourselves that we never realize are good qualities. Think about something brilliant you have, it could be your personality, talents, success, or anything. Whenever you find yourself in criticism, remember a good deed or quality you did. 

Even though appreciating yourself shows happiness, you gotta remember the people around you. Either bad or good, they're all human, we seek happiness. Instead of shaming them for things that didn't matter, you could shower them with love and compassion. When you give more, you receive more. So compliment, lend a hand, or even teach them. You'll feel so much better  and happier as you're becoming a better person. Just remember that we all can't stay alive forever. Who knows when we will disappear. I always think about the world itself in relation to my complaints such as, 

           "I hate going to school" 
            "Many folks can't have an education" 

            "I want to be with him again"
            "Not everyone is loved or accepted"

               "I'm sick of my parents"
              "Some don't have guardians to guide them"

Happiness is given through effort and compassion not short-cuts or complaints. There will be time when we all fall in a slump, but there's a way to get back up. Where do you find happiness? Easy, loving yourself and teaching others.

See ya next time! Ciao 
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