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Aug 29, 2015

10 benefits of sleep

Sleep is essential to our lifestyle. We get fuel to start the day and relax without disturbance. We all neglect this fact as we are getting busier, but here are 10 tips why sleeping is beneficial. 

1) Improving skin

You know why sleeping beauty is radiantly gorgeous? Well the answer is getting some rest. Without proper sleep, your skin will look tired which may cause acne and dark circles. So be sure you get your full 8 hrs of sleep and take naps if you need to. 

2) Staying immune

Studies have shown that getting insufficient amount of sleep can result in increasing chances of illness such as heart disease, common cold, and diabetes. So why take a break from electronics instead of risking you life. 

3) Protecting your love life

This sounds crazy, but don't you have someone or yourself feeling tired to go on dates or spending time together? Well this is the cause of lack of sleep. You want to keep your love ones so be sure you have enough sleep to fuel your happiness with the one you desire. 

4) Being safe outdoors

Drowsy people have the tendency to get into accidents such as car crashes. Getting hurt and risking your life from lack of sleep sounds useless. Do try your best to get a really good amount of sleep and stay safe. Plus, pain can interrupt one's sleep, if so, try medication with sleeping aid. 

5) Positive emotions 

I'm sure everyone has been cranky in the morning because they're so exhausted. It's a sign of lack of sleep which can affect more if you don't consistently get the right amount of rest. Your day can be a whole better if you fulfill your heart with 8 hrs of sleep. 

6) Weight loss 

Controlling your weight is not only from eat and exercise, but the amount of sleep you get. Sleeping has been a guaranteed way to maintain your weight because those who don't sleep will feel lethargic and craving for fatty foods. Don't neglect this easy step. 

7) Thinking properly

Like your school suggests, having a good night's rest can promote you to thinking efficiently. I never believe my school when they say this, but they're right. Sleeping does wonder to your performance in academics. And your memorization will improve quicker. 

8) Beautiful & Shiny hair 

Hair is a delicate touch to us so taking really good care means getting the right amount of rest. This will promote shine and silkiness. Also, you will be less likely to have white hair. Try using a silk pillowcase to maintain the glossy hair without any frizz added. 

9) Happier looking eyes 

You know you didn't get a good night's rest when your eyes are looking tired and red. Throughout the day, your appearance may look unapproachable since eyes can be glaring. You don't want anyone to see you as a scary person so give your eyes a bit of rest to thank them. 

10) Happy life

Without sleep, we probably be dead by now. Everyone's a victim of taking sleep for granted. If you think about it, putting sleep off can disrupt our peace. We should all be glad that sleeping exist and care it like it was a precious gift. 

Thank you for understanding how sleeping is so beneficial. Be sure you grab your 8 hrs of sleep or more. The more, the better your life will be. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Aug 25, 2015

Something old, something new

I was tagged by the sweet Ditsy sprinkles. Do check her out because she's the one who created this tag. Enough chatting, let's get started shall we!

What you must do: 
-Thank the person that tagged you
-List 5 blogs you've followed for a long time
-List 5 blogs you've recently discovered
-Tag all of your readers to join in

Long-time favorites: 

Nicole (AKA Nana) is super nice and has amazing adventures with her family at Bangkok with delicious cuisine that you can't take your eyes off seriously. Right now, she's busy with recent events at Bangkok so please share your heartfelt regards. PRAY FOR BANGKOK!!

She's the one who got me hooked up into Korean beauty and makeup. Her tutorials are amazing and you could never go wrong with her YouTube channel also. From beauty secrets to hauls, this girl has all your needs. 

I followed her a long time now and I love how her blog layout looks and the feeling of chic. Reading her post has brought me more inspiration and kindness. 

Her blog is so incredible. The first time I saw it, I was in love with the feel of Vintage/French look. She makes her post enjoyable as it looks simple, but unique in its own away.

First off, I have to thank her for this tag. I guaranteed she gives out great reviews about some products that are oh-so sweet. You could never go wrong with girly items she finds that make you wanna purchase. 

Recently discovered favorites: 

I love her so freaking much!! Whenever you need inspiration, she's the answer to all your problems. You'll see amazing photos that really make you think about life again, but nonetheless her words of encouragement is what makes you feel like yourself. 

The heroine of the blog has the nicest outfits. Not only outfits, but she shares her stories and it's very enjoyable. Having an adventure with her family and friends, it'll make you wanna go out and have fun. 

Her blog is all about beauty and Korean culture. You can find great details about kpop and hauls. A beautiful girl who has great knowledge of Korean pop culture with a nice sense of style. 

Now, I find her blog amusing because she's suggest great blog posts. I find it amusing to read as well and end up finding new blogs everyday. And, her daily activities are so fun. 

This blog has all the best kawaii stuff you can find. She's so amazing when she cosplays and love all her reviews like circle lens, makeup, snacks, and more. If you're into anime or kpop, she's the best place to be at. 

These are my favorite blogs I've been through lately. Ever since blogging, I didn't think anyone would be able to look at my blog seriously, but I've changed my view and so I appreciate all of you guys. 

P.S. If you're reading this post, then I highly encourage you to join in on the tag. Remember to give credit to Ditsy Sprinkles. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^ 
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Aug 22, 2015

Back to school: First day is ok

Summer is ending already and school is starting pretty soon. It breaks my heart how my summer went too fast and I wish I could enjoy it a little longer. Anyways, the first day is usually the day people are nervous or anxious. For those who are starting in a new school and worried they may be lost around their way or around new people then stay tune and learn to feel less scared on the first day. 

The first thing you must do is to stay calm. Being calm allows you to feel less nauseous and bring on the day. Take deep breaths to ease your heart. Make sure you grab something to eat. It doesn't have to be too big, just a small snack can do wonders. The most important step when entering an unfamiliar place or event. 

In most schools, you'll be given a schedule that has room numbers. In any case, it's your job to find the class. But don't worry, the teachers won't count you as tardy as its only the first day and they understand. Sometimes, you may feel the need to ask someone for help finding your class so do ask. It'll save you lots of trouble and less stress. Trust me on this case. 

Always have a good impression when greeting teachers or classmates. You don't want to be a person who has an attitude because you didn't have a good night's rest. Showing people your smile and kind gesture will make you approachable and vulnerable to less enemies. Plus, be true to who you are or else how can you be friends with those who believe in your fake personality. It's better to do it now than later. 

Final thing is to go with the flow of the day. School is usually only 8 hours and the time will go by pretty quick. Don't focus on the clock, but yourself and studies. Have fun and be prepared that your first day may not be as what you thought. 

To be honest, my first day was so awkward that each morning of the first week, I had to come late to class because of my bus. Even so, it was definitely awkward when coming into your first class and everyone staring at you each day because I was late. But I know that the situation would be awkward unless you make it awkward. Once I know what I learned from the previous days, I started to feel ease knowing that everyone understands my problem and changing the atmosphere to be friendlier. So don't worry, everything will be set into the past and later on, people may forget about it. It's how you handle the situation matters more than how you take it.

   See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Aug 18, 2015

Back to school: Stay organized

One thing that affects our time and grades would be organization. Let's get it straight. We all have been through this situation from looking through cluttered backpacks to messy desks. Then, we end up losing our precious papers. But don't worry, there are some easy tips to be prepared. 

1) Use a schedule/calendar

I heard this is a holy grail to all your problems. I remember neglecting this step, but seriously it's the most important rule you should never put off. I find it easier to plan out my day and stick with it. By the end of the day, my life became so much easier and I saved so much time. 

You can buy a calendar at any store for as little as $3 or find any way to schedule out the day. I used my notes app on my phone and just record any necessarily work to be done the next day. You should record any important events, work, or activities. This reminds you what needs to be done before goofing off. What's better is that once you check off each item, you'll feel at ease knowing how much crap you completed contributing to less stress.

2) Labeling 

All journals, books, and folders are either plain or colorful. The good thing is that having colorful essentials makes it easier to pinpoint which is which. Try specifying different colors for different courses like Algebra is red, Chemistry is green, and History is purple. If you have a problem finding the right color for a specific school supply on a course then you can always color a piece of paper and tape it to your school supply. Different ways to label your stuff. And it doesn't have to be colors, you can use shapes or just write down the course. Be creative and have fun with it.

3) Keep everything in place 

First, spot out your workplace (Desk, Dinner table, bedroom, living room, etc.) Organize the area by keeping it tidy and clean. Discard any unnecessary papers and place your work essentials in a nice spot. Try dividing them up by writing tools, books, and electronics. A clean area makes it simple for you to not get distracted nor affect your time. 

4) Seek for help 

Lots of times we can easily forget the most important assignment once school is over. But it doesn't mean there's no way to know what was due, so make sure you keep in contact with your classmates or friends. Use your phone to keep in touch like texting, social media, or calling. People are your number #1 source for information so ask than to worry.

5) Stop procrastination 

Last tip to avoiding any cost of cluttered life is to stop procrastinating. Simply, it's the job that you have to overcome in order to stop any buildup of stress and disorganization. We all don't have the motive to finish work because we can be so lazy or it's just too boring. But remember that checking off each thing on your to-do list can make you feel so satisfied. Just think about all the free time you could be having if you manage your stress, time, and organization. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you on your journey to a new school year. If you're not in school, then I hope some of these tips apply to your life. 

   See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Aug 15, 2015

Don't overthink in life

Among the things we do or say aren't compared to what we think about. Everyday we constantly worry about some things that probably didn't matter. We often believe different outcomes that can ruin our life, but it's not as terrible as you think. 

Don't you ever come across words like "What if?" or "Should I?" Mainly in situations like careers, relationships, school, even life or death situations. Giving second guesses causes us to predict the worst case of scenario. But you know our head just messes up our emotions and we start to feel more anxious than usual. Stressing over little things won't make a big difference to your life because eventually they'll just be kept in the past. Instead of thinking beyond the future or going back into the past, live in the moment. You might be thinking, 

"Should I be with him?"
"What if I don't get this job?"
"Will we get marry?"
"Am I good enough?"
"Is this the right decision?"
"Should I go back to school?"
"How will the people react?"
"What if I didn't get accepted?"
"What if he doesn't like me?" 
"Should I let go of this chance?" 

And the list just goes on. But who cares about any of this. There's more important situations to be worrying about. Just go with flow because we're just one person with one brain so do as your heart is content. 

Now I'm not just saying that you shouldn't think about these matters, but you shouldn't "overthink" too much or else it'll affect you more. We don't have enough time to live in this world. We're born here to die, so use that precious time to go after what you want. Overthinking about everything you're stressing about is holding you back from all the other things you could be doing right now. And there's no need to look back into your past because there's no time for that either. How can you feel happy or be true to yourself if you don't move forward? If you're unable to get what you want then change it. You have the ability to make a choice because it's all up to you and your heart not your mind itself. 

Thank you guys for taking the time to read this post. I was kinda inspired to discuss this topic. If there's any life lessons you want me to discuss them do tell me in the comments. Because sharing is caring!

  See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Aug 11, 2015

Back-to-school: How to make Friends

Can't you believe summers coming to an end!? And more importantly, schools about to arrive so I decided to take this topic to help those who are about to start or just give advice in general. 

Making friends is really simple. All you need are good manners and a sense of right and wrong. These two are highly suggested because they'll take you to the right direction for yourself. 

When meeting people, always give off a good impression. If you don't, this could be a start of a new enemy and nobody wants that. A basic technique to start off is to smile. Showing someone a smile can brighten up anyone's day. So, take this opportunity to show off your beautiful grin and it will definitely lead you to the right direction. Be creative when greeting people. I know just saying hi and asking their name is the easiest way, but you don't have to do that. Find ways to introduce yourself like suggesting a game where each of you has to guess their name, offering them a nice gesture, or telling them a joke/riddle. Great way to build up your friendship and allowing them to learn about your personality. 

Okay, we know how to greet someone in a nice way, but let's talk about finding the right people. School is a place where most kids have all the drama and it doesn't even have to be at school. Our society is made up of dirty back-stabbers and friendly kindred spirits. So, you gotta distinguish these two. It can be hard choosing the right friends because there may be second thoughts. But the one thing you have to keep in mind is that if they bring you down and you feel uncomfortable around them then they are totally not the people you wanna stick with. Other signs to look for: 


Also, remember to check your feelings. If you feel less confident or unhappy then they should be out of your life. It's you first not your friends. 

Last thing I wanna share is how to be out of the circle. It can be hard leaving your friends because you may be having second thoughts like you'll feel lonely or they'll treat you as an enemy. And that's fine really. Excluding them out of your zone means more time for yourself. It sounds depressing, but it's a great way to catch up on things you miss like hobbies or studies. Once you've recollected yourself, this is a good time to meet newer people. Remembering what happen to your previous relationships can help you understand what to expect on the next one. Know that you don't have to be the #1 kind girl in the world. There will be so many haters out there, but if you have the right people by your side then it won't matter. Having one good friend is better than having hundreds of fake friends. 

I hope this post lets you learn something new about friendship. If you can relate to any of these or have experience something like this, do tell me. Because sharing is caring!

   See ya next time! Ciao ^__^ 
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Aug 8, 2015

Finding fashion inspiration

Everyone has it hard trying to pick the most perfect outfit. Usually, we can be stuck looking for new ideas to complement our fashion sense. But luckily, fashion is seen as a bigger picture than what you think.

First off, define the word fashion (And no, it doesn't mean looking it up into the dictionary). Basically, describe it how you would look into it. For me, I believe fashion is express as art that colors our personality. Once you've got that done, the magic will start to begin. 

Next, source out this miracle such as social media, magazines, scenery, models, paintings, buildings, advertisement, makeup, furniture, antiques, or ANYTHING! You can find tons of valuable info by just 
seeking out the right items. The more sources you have, the greater your mind will thank you for new ideas. 

Okay, here's the crucial part, reaching for that gut feeling. It can be hard just by looking into one object. But take your time thinking about it. Use your imagination. Create a piece of clothing out of your mind that has the same feel. For example, watching the Eiffel Tower from Paris. How about a Parisian theme sweater with gorgeous roses to reflect the city of romance? That idea can make you start thinking about other clothing pieces to choose from. It's not hard unless you try and take your time. Even better if you can just draw out the clothes you're thinking about onto paper. 

Last thing to help you guys on your journey for creative thinking is to take a break. You may not instantly reach out what you wanted, but it doesn't mean it's hopeless. You need a breather, relax the mind. Stress makes it harder for you to concentrate. Daydream helps both encourage inspiration and easy relaxation. So, drift off into space and who knows where you'll end up because fate can be brought to you when you least expected. 

Easy-peasy things to grab a bit of thinking. These are the things I do to keep myself motivated. Now, I'm sharing it with you guys so that you can think like a fashionista without trying.

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Aug 4, 2015

How to make your eyelashes grow naturally

Eyes are one of the three parts that make up our face. It's best to take care of your eyes so that they can be at its best when applying makeup. And it all starts with our lashes. There are many tips to give your lashes a fuller look. Keep reading if you would like to know more. 

1. Brushing eyelashes 

Did you know that just a single stroke of brushing your eyelashes can increase the growth? You can find these eyelash brushes for as little as $5. Plus, they help avoid clumpy mascara when applying. 

2. Vaseline 

This is one of the basic method that anyone has suggested. And to be honest, they are right. When I heard about this method, I tried it out and in a few weeks, my lashes started to become longer. You can just directly apply it on your lash line or just use your mascara brush (make sure it's clean) with Vaseline and start applying it. Seriously, a great way to achieve natural long eyelashes. 

3. Massaging 

Believe it or not, stimulating the growth comes from massaging. Doing circular motions around your eyelids is therapeutic for the eyes. But be sure you're eyes aren't very sensitive and clean your hands before trying it out. 

4. Olive oil

Just like Vaseline, olive oil is actually a great way to increase volume. Can't say no to olive oil because it's truly harmless in beauty care. Rub some on your ring finger as it's the gentle finger and glide it on your lash line. Don't use too much or you'll have a hot mess. 

5. Good diet 

Now, this is self explanatory, but everyone has neglect this so much and I'm a victim as well. Balancing your diet with fruits and veggies do fulfill your lashes. Not only lashes, but it does wonders for your entire body. So, it doesn't mean you can't have these fatty foods, just balance it. 

6. Green tea 

Green tea has been said to be the #1 tea for beauty purposes. By seeping a cup of tea, dip a cotton ball and gently press onto your eyes. It's the most soothing feeling you could ever feel plus you'll have a drink. 

7. Eyelash serum 

These baby seriously exists. They sound crazy, but it does wonders. What they do is that they strengthen the follicles making it less vulnerable to breakage. You can find these anywhere and some come with a mascara so it's a win win. 

And there you have it. Some tips and tricks to help achieve longer and voluminous lashes. Remember it takes patience and consistency so don't think you can get instant results by the next day. Not all of these tips can help everyone, so find one that's best for you. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Aug 1, 2015

Do you feel happy pleasing or fulfilling Someones expectations?

Having a kind heart means that you'll give more love than to receive it. To be honest, I was that kind of girl and in return, the outcome can be unexpected. I remember my sister would be telling me that I was retarded for being a people pleaser when really it makes me happy, but to her it wasn't. But there's actually two tricks that play when pleasing someone. 

The first one is you being a generous person. It's simple because you're the one who gives out appreciation. What that means is when you see someone in need, you'll be the first person to treat them with lots of love. It's not a bad thing, but be careful who they are. They can use your kindness to treat it as "free money". Some signs to consider when finding the ones who treat you this way: 

Money beggars 
Someone damages your property
Rude commenters 
Deceiving scammers 
Those that don't owe you back 

Be smart when choosing the people to give kindness. I know I've been there and I don't want you guys to experience what I had to go through. Plus, be sure it makes you happy. 

The second trick is when that person expected you to do a well-done job. I'm sure everyone has been through this kind and for me, it's the most I've ever gotten. Say for example, the boss wants you to repeat the same process with your next project because each one you've done was fantastic. But as it was completed, your boss was not too happy about it and expected more out of you. It's the worst feeling to my opinion. But why should our significant others be expecting a perfect job from us? Some people include:

I've talk with other people who had this experience and all have said that it makes them feel less than what they are. I believe this too because when someone comments about my work of trash, I feel less confident and pushes me to keep repeating that mistake. Really, I think that a perfect you doesn't exist because no mistakes wouldn't reflect how you conquer your future. We have so many flaws in our hands, but it doesn't mean we can't become better from this. Fulfilling their expectations makes them happy, but does it for you? So, do try your best and forget the rest because nobody understands you better than yourself. 

Thank you guys for taking your time reading this post. If you can relate to any of this, do comment below because sharing is caring. :D

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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