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Jul 28, 2015

Fashion life hack: Summer pieces to spice your outfit

Different seasons comes with different looks. Since it's summer, presenting your outfits with that vibe is crucial. Here are some pieces to give your clothes a more summery feel: 

You'll need: 
-Hair ties 
-Flash Tattoos 
-Sandal Jewelry 
-Tropical head crown 

1) Sunglasses 

Protecting the eyes is very important. At the same time, you'll be able to look stylish with your favorite pair of sunglasses. It's the basic fashion statement, but it'll definitely show off your summer look. And taking a selfie under a bright day would look amazing. Even if you're not into wearing sunglasses, you can always hang them in your shirt. An accessory you can't forget about. 

2) Hair ties 

Okay, hair ties are interchangeable from ponytails to hugging the wrists. Plus, it's a bonus while wearing a t-shirt. How? Well, all you need to do is take a hair tie and just tie the lower part of your shirt (either from left or right) then voila! You got yourself a new look kinda like a crop top, but much cuter. Always keep a handy hair tie with you because hey, there may be times you need to pull your hair back or shirt. 

3) Flash Tattoos 

Omg! My favorite summertime essentials are flash tats. They're super cool to wear like at night times. Brightening your smile and clothes and giving off a tropical bohemian is wonderful. I prefer ones either the wrist, arms, tummy, or hands. I've seen some in Sephora, but it can be a little pricey. But there's always diy flash tats if you want an alternative.

4) Sandal Jewelry  

Or as some people call them, "Barefoot Sandal Thongs." I think these foot jewelry are super adorable because they shimmer and give off personality. When going barefoot, always have your feet styled. I know it's a weird thing to do, but it really completes the look. It's great when wearing a maxi dress at the beach as it flows through the sunset and your sandal accessory shining with passion.

5) Tropical Head Crown

The last go-to summer items are tropical head crowns. Just like flower crowns, but a more appropriate touch for summer. You could never go wrong with these. Wearing them makes you look like a Hawaiian  goddess. I think this last item looks beautiful in any apparel. They're also easy to make if you're into diy crafting. 

That's it! A few pieces that can make your outfit stand out under the sun. But the last thing I always believe is a great accessory is to smile, so keep that in mind. Enjoy your summer while it last! 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Jul 25, 2015

Body shaming is a no no

Hi you guys! So I really wanna talk about this topic because lately our society has been spot on the perfect beach body, big butt, thigh gaps, super skinny arms/legs, and being thick. And hearing about people's mean opinions on other women's figure is considered body shaming. 

Everyone's body is different. We have shapes that don't match someone's needs and that's fine. Their judgment don't matter at all to you. What's important is that you're beautiful and you stay beautiful. Simple, right? Well not for everyone. There are some who can be sensitive to opinions and some who aren't. Basically, words cut deeper than a sharp blade. Speaking about a girl's body in a bad way will only look bad for you. It shows that you wanna take credit for something you have than what the other person doesn't. Plus, your victim wouldn't feel as comfortable as she would've. I know it's the nature of people, but we need to focus on giving more positive energy aside from taking it away. 

Going through puberty, I wasn't really into looking good for my own body. I was mainly focused on keeping negativity away and being confident. But it changed by the time I enter high school where all the ladies dress with cleavage and showing some skin. There was this time when I went bra shopping and so, I ask a bra specialist from Victoria Secret to measure me. She said that I was a 32D and I went to try it on. The cups were fitted except the band size so I officially bought a 34D bra. Before, I never had measure my bra size until now because eyeing wasn't good since I wore a 36B cup for two years and it was super uncomfortable. But this new bra I had was easier to wear and didn't snug. The next day, I told my so-called friends about getting a new bra and they were not too happy about the sizing. They believe that my chest wasn't even big from appearance (since they never seen me wearing a tight fitted shirts and only bagging sweaters). The two kept laughing at me and said that maybe a B cup was a perfect match for me. I remember they were making a big commotion around the students and comparing their boob size from mine because it didn't look like theirs. I was so ashamed about my body from that point on. Not only did I lose my self-confidence, but I had to forget about them because they weren't the friends that make me happy. I tried looking up about bra sizing and most responses have said that it doesn't matter how big your bust is to fit the size as long as you're wearing the comfortable proper measurements. I believe it as well because numbers can't define who you are. I wish I could tell those girls about it, but they don't have time to give me respect. And all I can do is accept myself for the way I was born. 

No matter if you have or don't have that figure that everyone expects, as long as you feel good because nobody knows you the best. And we should do this world a favor by spreading positive energy to young girls because hey, a frowning face isn't pretty. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Jul 21, 2015

How to (de)stress

Everyday I usually get stressed out from the busy day. I'm sure all of you guys have experience this as well. If you don't know how to relax at the end of the day then don't worry. Here are a few tips I've learn to (de)stress: 

1. Taking a bath

Showering is quick, but let's hold it off. Soaking in warm water soothes the mind and lessen the body strain. Use some scented candles or a bath bomb to give a slight boost of ease. Lush has one of the best bath bombs with real benefits. Plus, adding music or reading to your bath time is a must because it feels like you're away from reality. 

2. Animals

Those adorable pets sure make you happy. Science has proven that house pets is a quick way to relieve stress. I mean who doesn't love these fluffy animals that comfort you whenever you need it. I personally love my sissy's cat whenever he's around in the house. Makes me stop thinking about my bad day. 

3. Lay off on electronics

Yep, that means your phone, computer, and tablet. I know it can be hard having a day without your social media, but let's face it. Studies have shown that computer screens tires your eyes and increases anxiety. So, at least stay away from technology for an hour. You need the mind to stay healthy. 

5. Doing yoga 

Balancing out the heavy days with good yoga stretches. Yoga has so many benefits such as perfecting your flexibility/strength, better performance in workouts, and clears the mind, body, and soul. Plus, it helps you relaxing the muscles which encourages you to fall asleep. I like doing downward dog, cobra, cat stretch, and child's pose. 

6. Taking a nap

If you didn't have proper sleep then this is a good opportunity to nap. Taking a nap clears your mind and increases breathing. Use a sleeping mask if you have trouble sleeping under afternoon times. And it's great to try calm music and a facial mask. Your skin and body will thank you for the relaxation. Daydreaming is consider napping, too. When your mind drifts off somewhere, it means that it needs to turn off for a few minutes. It's not consider a distraction so take the opportunity wherever you are. 

There you have it. A few tips that I've been doing and loving for years. Some suggestions for you guys because everyone has different ways to (de)stress. Remember that to be stress-free is to not procrastinate and manage your time wisely. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Jul 18, 2015

Love/Hate Tag

I was nominated by the lovely, Ditsy Sprinkles to do the Love/Hate challenge tag. Do check out her blog because she's really sweet and has great reviews on useful products. Okay enough talking, let's begin! 

Basically, this tag features 20 things about you with 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. I think this will be nice to do because you guys can learn more about me. 

10 things I hate

-Coconut: For some reason, I get this after taste which isn't pleasant at all. Some people think I'm crazy, but I know myself best. 
-Arguments: I get really annoyed when people can't be patience. It makes things worst for me. 
-Being short: I'm 4'11 and can I say it's pretty short. I'm so jealous with all these tall ladies that I wish I was them because they look more mature for their age. 
-Vaccinations: Or anything that deals with medical procedures with needles. I'm terrified ever since birth. I really wanna let go of the fear, but it's too much. I do try my best to be brave, but it fails at times. 
-Cliff hangers: Man, don't you hate those cliff hangers in movies and books. They make me think about what's going to happen and pester about it for days.
-Surprises: These really freak me out when someone sneaks attack me or pop up as a surprise. Gets my heart pumping and hands shaking. 
-Cheaters: They don't understand the real meaning of working hard to get what you desire. 
-Dark: Kinda feels like I'm warped into a deep abyss. 
-Valentine's: Experience a hurtful moment which is why I hated Valentine since then. 
-Dogs: Been afraid because they would bark and jump making me feel alert and cautious. 

10 things I love

-Diys: Seriously they are my #1 life savers. Love how I can create something either through sewing, baking, crafting, or designing and easily discover my own passions. I adore those simple diy tutorials because they are strangely easy, yet saves you time and money. Plus, it's good to learn a skill because you never know when it's needed in life. 
-Youtube: Gotta love my YouTube vids. Without them, I would've never learn how to do my hair, bake, craft, or doing makeup. Thank you for bringing this in my life!
-Vintage: Really into the retro and chic looks you find from clothing to antique furniture. My love for vintage started from Tumblr. 
-Cats: I remember I was so scared of animals. But ever since my sis brings her cat, I can't help but to treat him with love and care. He's too adorable to let go. 
-Manga/Anime: I find the most interesting stories through manga/anime. Don't know why, but I guess some of these relate to my problems. I highly adore slice of life because it's teaches you positivity. 
-Fashionistas: So, instagram has taught me many pointers through fashion. Loving how the girls style and creating their own is really refreshing and eye-catching. Someday, I wanna be like them. 
-Comedy: How can you smile without a touch of laughter? My favorite thing to do when I'm down and need a boost of encouragement. 
-Relaxation: Favorite past time. Usually when I get home from school and jump right into my bed with my phone in hand and you guys there. 
-Tattoos: Don't believe me? I'm interested ever since an amazing tattoo artist represents tattoos as art and not just a rebellious symbol. One day, I'll try to get one with something I'm really proud of. 
-My followers/Visitors: Now, I sincerely love each and every one of you guys. Commenting and visiting my blog everyday really soothes my heart. Blogging has been a place in my heart where I can escape reality and share my moments with you secretly. If you guys never came to visit, I'd probably stop blogging. But i gotta remember why I started so, even if one person came then it's enough to be free in ecstasy. Love you all! (:

Shoutout to Ditsy Sprinkles once again for this tag. And I enjoy writing my 20 things and hope you guys learn some interesting facts about me. 

Ooh and let's not forget about nominations. By picking 5 outstanding bloggers to do this challenge, I nominate: 

-Nicole from Nicole's Notebook
-Michelle from Princess from Jupiter
-The lovely Chic Cupcake
-Miharu from Miharu Julie
-Miss Romantiquley 

Can't wait to see what your 20 things are!

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Jul 14, 2015

Fashion life hack series: How to color match your clothes w/ neutrals

Everywhere we go there's color. It's a blessing to have this creation because it's the art to express things. Same for our clothing, they can be express by defining ourselves. But how do they compliment each other? A variety of pigmentation to choose from, yet it can be hard to mix n' match. So let's begin our journey shall we!

The very basic tool that you'll ever need are neutrals. Yep, they're the basic colors that you know and love. 

For instance... 

These colors fit pretty much with all colors especially black. They make great supporting pieces when fusing colors for one outfit. Here's a trick you can use, it called the one color call. Basically, pick one non neutral color and then for the rest of the outfit go with neutral. Also, you can use more than one neutral color, but to play it safe, try not to go beyond more than two. Here's an example...

-Pink blouse, black skirt, navy blazer
-White V neck, red undershirt, Black jeans 
-Light purple shirt, grey sweater, white pants

This method works well on patterned or small details such as check print, stripes, belts, earrings, etc. Neutrals are your life savers so don't neglect them. 

Hope you guys like this post. If you want to see more color matching guides then tell me in the comments. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Jul 11, 2015

10 benefits of eating clean

It's our job to fulfill our body with healthy nutrition. But we have the tendency to neglect it. Without proper eating, you could feel lethargic and feel not good about yourself. So, here are 10 benefits of eating clean! 

1. Beautiful complexion

Skin doesn't naturally become beautiful. Using just skincare products only take up a small amount of clear skin. It takes effort and mainly good eating habits. Whatever you take into your body will show on the outside. Skin foods include tomatoes, green veggies, green tea, salmon, and fruits. 

2. Amazing body 

Who doesn't love enjoying a bikini body? We can wear our favorite clothes without insecurities and show off a little skin. Now, you gotta maintain it and eating clean will cost a big deal for it to work. There's tons of food to choose from, but try to avoid greasy and sugary foods to be safe. 

3. Lose risking illness

This is self-explanatory, but to remind you guys again that healthy eating will surely avoid you from getting sick or worse diseases. So, remember to eat more healthy food and less junk food.  

4. Healthy & shiny hair 

Same reasons from a beautiful complexion. If you don't have enough vital nutrition, your hair will look dull and won't be as healthy. It also strengthens your hair making it easier for it to grow faster and longer. They can even be used on your hair like avocado, mayo, eggs, lemon, and vinegar. 

5.  More energy & productivity 

By indulging the right foods, you'll have more energy to finish any tasks. This can even increase productivity which stops you from being tired and lasting your day longer. Smoothies and quick meals are great when you're in a hurry. 

6. Craving less food

Whenever eating something fresh like a salad, your mind stops you from craving more food. Why? Because eating organic feels a lot better for the digestive system unlike junk food that increases the need to eat more. Also, water signals the mind to become full. I heard this trick works when you're dieting. 

7. Saving money 

Okay, money saving plays a part when eating clean. You have the nerve to eat less and in turn will save you enough money for grocery shopping. Plus, being healthy means cutting back on medical bills. So, start eating your greens to save money and your body. 

8. Living longer 

Living longer comes from avoiding illness. When eating the correct foods, your body is automatically becoming stronger and immune. Try eating nuts since they are packed with antioxidants. Research had shown that people who taken a healthy route increase their life span.  

9. Learn to accept eating clean 

There's a saying, "Fake it till you make it." This means that once you consistently indulge the goodness of healthy eating, you'll feel like it taste much better than fast food. Fresh produce are organic and real giving a savory appetite to your body.   

10. Feel motivated 

Last tip that you'll ever hear is eating right will definitely promote motivation. Tasting the freshness of veggies and fruits actually tricks your mind. It causes the endorphins to kick in and making you feel happier. When you're happy, you have the strength to fight the busy day. 

Hopefully, these benefits change your view of eating healthy and motivate yourself to balance your meals with the right nutrition involved. It's never to late to start now.

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Jul 7, 2015

Be a friend to your enemy

We all have foes along our path and that's basically the nature of humans. There's no telling who will be your enemy unless they put you down in a shameful way. But in truth, you don't need to take in their poison because they can actually be encouragement. 

So, lots of us will find someone that bully you. It could be family, friends, coworkers, or strangers. And you may find it hard to understand why they're doing this. There are many reasons for someone to bully and it can make us feel less confident. I know that everyone tries to walk away or cause an abruption. But avoiding their foes or causing a scene isn't always necessary. A third option that people can try is to learn from their enemies. 

Okay, you're probably thinking, "What is there to learn from someone who doesn't respect me?" 

And yes that can be true for the most part. But whenever the person shoots you with a bunch of criticism or hateful comments then this is a good chance to turn it into encouragement. With encouragement, you can learn a lot from becoming a better person to working hard to prove they're wrong. Let's say someone believes you're not a good dancer. Instead of taking in their poison and keeping it, you can turn it as a friendly note to work extra hard to be a talented dancer. I've learn that this is called constructive criticism meaning that giving rude comments in a way it becomes inspiration. Believe it or not, throwing harsh comments about someone won't matter to that person because they can use it as improvement and it wouldn't matter to the bully since they're insecure. 

Running away or back stabbing your enemies wouldn't lift your confidence. Use their voice as inspiration because this will improve your skills, happiness, and confidence. Thank your enemies and appreciate the words of encouragement they give you. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Jul 4, 2015

Ootd: Wearing all black today!



Top: Forever 21
Bottom: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21 

I decided to dress in my favorite color and yes it's black. I know it's a dark color to wear in the summer where the blazing heat will burn my skin. 

Much of these pieces are from forever 21 and basically it's more of a cheaper store with clothes I'm totally in love with haha. 

The top is sheer material and slightly see through and from behind it's crochet into a racer back style. I love the floral pattern and looks super cute. My bottoms are actually high waisted and can sometimes be uncomfortable, but it didn't bother me much. There are front pockets which are a bonus and they have imitation pockets from behind with buttons attached. Lastly, my flats are pretty much suede so at times they do pick up some fur. They're comfortable to walk and I didn't slip out unlike other flats I've had. 

Thanks for taking your time! 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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