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Sep 29, 2015

How to let go of fears

We all have something to be afraid of. It could just be a simple phobia or in an emotional way. Either way, sometimes these fears can affect our social life, but do not fret, there are easy ways to control your emotions when facing your biggest fears. 

Imagine yourself confronting your fears like spiders, heights, stage fright, umbrellas, dark, etc. The first thing you could be experiencing is paranoia which you may look or fidget around your surroundings. A common rule to fight it off is by being calm. I know it's hard to stay calm when the most terrifying thing is right in front of you. Take simple deep breaths and think about conquering this fear. Sometimes it's how you handle the situation than how you take it. So control the emotions and relax. 

Understand why are you feeling afraid. It could be a past experience which is mostly likely the case. Holding onto the past can affect you more than to let it go. Learn from your past so that you're able to do better the next time you come across the same fate. It sound simple and it really is. It's all up to you how you view your challenges. Our mind plays with our emotions too much so don't let them get in your way of proceeding forward. 

The last tip is to know that our world is a nice environment. The way we see things comes from our head and heart. How we perceive things is all up to us to experience the possibilities. You are probably thinking about the worst case of scenario for your fear like masking it with its dark side. But if you look at it with common sense, you'll notice how it wasn't as bad as you think. You'll feel more free and relieve that you're able to let go of the fears that's been affecting you.

It's okay to be afraid from time to time especially when you have a really big fear that stops you from enjoying the nicest things in your life. Relax and stay happy because you never know when we'll die. Live to the fullest.

*School has been making me preoccupied that I'm not able to blog so I'm sorry if I couldn't make the deadline for most of my posts.*

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Sep 22, 2015

Why everything gets better?

Too many of us have something to struggle like school, friends, families, and relationships. Even so, we feel like we have to cope with the problems even though there may be a chance that we might fall apart. Before you start to think about your life's ending, things will get better with enough patience and endurance.

Our lives are full of challenges. Some are easy to deal with, but the rest can be out of our control. Sometimes, the hardest problems are the ones that tear us down. But do remember that it's only the beginning. 

Everybody can't have a perfect life because it means there wouldn't be a purpose for you to learn to overcome any obstacles. I know it's hard to deal with the most annoying problems, but in the end, you wish you had it back. Also, this is a great opportunity to sharpen your skills and well-being. Notice how some of your favorite role models might've had a share of problems. These problems is what makes them and to proceed to teach others. We should all appreciate the negativity we were given and influencers who help us become a better person. 

What I'm saying is that life isn't a choice to pick what makes you happy. Some things just happen as a blessing. You won't be able to succeed unless you struggle and learn your failures. Life's too short to be thinking about all the negativity. Make the best out of it even if it's a small piece of happiness. What makes you stronger doesn't kill you. And don't worry, as time goes by, life will definitely get better. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Sep 19, 2015

How to achieve healthy long hair

Our desire is to have that gorgeous locks. Sometimes we neglect the care and treatment that our hair needs. But don't worry, there are some ways to start fresh and nourish your hair. 

1) Limit hot tools 

This is the most common mistake girls have made. We use so much heat that the hair follicles become damage. It can be hard putting down that straightener or curling wand. If you're one of those who use heat constantly, then always protect your hair with a heat protectant. Don't expect that heat protectant can completely stop heat coming onto your hair. It only minimizes the damage so it's best to at least give your hair the rest it deserves. You don't need to throw away your tools, just limit how much you use it. 

2) Treatments 

Treating the hair with lots of love will promote it to be as strong as it used to be. Always use natural ingredients for better results. There are many products such as avocados, mayo, eggs, oils, and honey. Easy stuff you can find at your home. Using all natural foods will nourish the hair deeper than store bought treatments. 

3) Trims 

It can be scary not wanting to cut your hair from its beautiful length. Let's keep it real guys. If you don't trim those dead ends, later on, they will start splitting up higher which will cut up its length. So do your hair a favor and give it a trim. Your best dates would be every two weeks or every month if you can. 

4) Combing

Brushing is a harsh alternative to combing. It's best to stick with combing since they don't snag or break the delicate strands. Look for a wide tooth comb that's suitable when minimizing the damage. Another tip is to start at the bottom and work your way up to avoid losing any hair starting at the roots. Try adding in that anti-frizz serum or shine spray for a boost of goodness. 

5) Healthy diet 

Similar to your skin, healthy foods like vegetables and fruits does wonders for your hair. You can tell if you're not eating right when your hair is looking dull. Find foods that are packed with vitamin A or protein such as yogurt, salmon, eggs, spinach, and guava. Be sure to balance out what kinds of food to consume and remember to get your daily exercise.

Some ways to achieve that beautiful long hair. There are many other factors that play, but these are the most general ones that people neglect from time to time. What other ways have you guys done to take care of your hair? I would like to know! 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Sep 15, 2015

Fashion life hacks: 8 ways to wear jeans

Jeans are the most basic apparel that everyone have in their closet. It's also a great piece to fit many different outfits. Here are 8 ways to style your jeans: 

1) Blazer 

Look classy with your favorite blazer. They are so versatile from business wear to casual outings. You could never go wrong with a blazer that compliments the jeans you're wearing. 

2) Fedora hats 

I didn't think fedora hats would be eye catching to jeans. They're amazing to wear in any season. Fedoras look best in short jeans so if you have a pair, then by all means try it. 

3) Chunky boots 

Chunky boots give you that classy look. Even though they can be a pain, but they're worth the fashion. Plus, they can add a nice physique to your figure.

4) Cardigans 

Now, we can all say that cardigans are the most basic piece to wear with jeans. Believe it or not, they give your whole outfit a soft look even if you're pairing it of with a simple tank top. 

5) Off shoulder shirt 

Be comfy wearing your off shoulder shirt or sweater. It's super cute when you're in a lazy mood. I would like to pair if off with comfiest boots you can find. 

6) Plaid shirts 

Plaid shirts/cardigan has been a thing now in my school. It's really eye catching and looks very casual. Most have worn their button down plaid shirts as cardigans. 

7) Roll up your jeans 

If you have a short stature like me, then your best option is to roll up your jeans. Give your jeans a change by rolling them up. Many will think it's a new pair of jeans that you bought. 

8) Tuck in your shirts 

Another simple, but classy look is by having your shirts tucked into the jeans. Best with blouses or flowy shirts for that soft touch. A new style to wear the next day.

We should thank the person who created jeans. Without it, the fashion world will be so boring. I would love it if you guys try these out. If there's a certain way you wear your jeans then please share it!

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^

Sep 12, 2015

Liebster Awards

Hey guys, I was so lucky enough to be nominated by the oh-so sweet Michelle from Princess.From.Jupiter. Check her out, she so inspiring with her blog posts. Furthermore, let's begin this tag! 

I took some research on the Liebster Awards since I believed that this must be an official tag. To my surprise, this is a great way for bloggers to be recognized and discover new ones. Plus, this can be a nice gesture to boost your popularity for any promotions. "Liebster" in German means kindness, dearest, sweetheart, nice, lovely, valued, etc. 

The Nominee must answer 11 questions that their nominators have chosen. At the same time, they must give 11 facts about themselves. Once completed, the nominee then choose 11 bloggers and giving them 11 questions they must answer. Basically like a chain letter. 

My eleven Q&A: 

1) How did you get to start blogging? 

Personally, I was inspired by youtubers and other bloggers because they had a voice to reach out to people. This gave me the idea to inspire people and create my own circle of friends who only knew about the posts I make since they're pretty personal. So I decided to give it a try and it was a wonderful feeling because people comment positive things that they learn from my posts. I have to thank my bullies for pushing me to become an inspirational figure for all young girls to feel good about themselves since I've learn the hard way of growing up in misery. 

2) If you could live in a book, TV show, or movie - which would it be? 

I would love to be in Paper Towns! I saw this movie in the summer recently and I was so shocked by the extraordinary mysteries that Q went through. I want to experience something like this, so Paper Town has to be something I would love to be in. 

3) What was the best compliment you've ever received? 

This is a hard one because there's too many, but I guess I'll just combine it into a single compliment. It was mainly when people had told me that,  "I was very positive." Every Time I hear someone say this to me, I have more self confidence and a boost of perseverance to inspire and help people. 

4) What cheers you up? 

Watching videos, reading manga, and playing with my sis cat. Three things to cure myself from moody days. 

5) Who is your hero? 

My hero or I should say role-model, would be Modern Gypsy. I love her sense of fashion and she expresses herself with a variety of color and a touch of streetwear. 

6) What are you afraid of? 

Definitely, vaccination or any needles that deal with medical. I'm dead scare of them and still have ever since I was a young girl. I wish I could let go of this fear, but it's too strong to let go. 

7) What is you favorite thing to spend money on?

Clothes! I always need new outfits every single day. I try my best to save up my money, but whenever I see a nice piece, I must buy it. The struggle is so real! 

8) Is the glass half full or half empty? 

I literally took 20 min thinking about this and I thought it was a trick question. But I would say half empty because you could never be satisfied with a half empty glass. 

9) What you prefer to be smart or happy and why?

I would prefer happiness or intelligence because you can be the smartest person in the world, but still feel empty. Happiness is the cure from depression. Plus, you have to learn to be happy. Learning is the key to success so don't think you know it unless you actually learn it. 

10) What has been your best moment so far? 

Geez I guess the best moment I've had was when my middle school friends and I went to the fair and enjoy our reunion after we started high school. I wish I could go back and relive the last moment we had together. 

11) Why are you so amazing? :3

Aww thank you! And I can't consider myself THAT amazing. But I guess being able to connect with people emotionally has been my favorite points. Doing something you love makes you feel amazing so do that. 

Eleven facts about me:

1) I'm a very seclusive introvert.

2) I'm a huge fan of manga and anime that I try to act like I'm in one.

3) I'm so in love with cats especially my sis cat. 

4) I've been 4'11 since I was 12 yrs old.

5) I love the color pink and black.

6) I know how to hand sew.

7) I would like to learn how to dance and play the piano.

8) My favorite disney princess would be Aurora. 

9) I really hate coconut or anything with coconut.

10) I love supernatural things.

11) I'm a creative person than a logical one.

My eleven nominees: 

Eleven Questions you must answer: 

1) What was your favorite childhood toy? 

2) Where in the world would you like to travel?

3) What would your inspirational motto say? 

4) How would you define the word, "Beauty?"

5) If you could have one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

6) What is your 3 favorite holidays? 

7) Do you prefer giving love or receiving love? And why?

8) How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? 

9) What super powers would you want? 

10) When is your bday? 

11) Where do you find your inspiration? 

That's it! Thank you for reading and a big shoutout to Michelle for nominating me. Even if you weren't a nominee, you can always take part of this. Sharing is caring! Take care! 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^ 
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Sep 8, 2015

How to decide what to wear

Each day is a whole new world. This means that we need an outfit to compliment the day. But sometimes we have no inspiration that we're left with a plain T-shirt and jeans. Don't worry, there are easy ways to get dress without looking too minimal. 

Let's start by choosing clothes on the mood you're feeling. You could feel lazy on Mondays, edgy on Tuesday, or even wear pink on Wednesdays. Reflect yourself on what you want to feel like today. Some suggestions include holidays, seasons, emotions, creativity, and more. You could never go wrong with matching clothes by how you feel. Presenting how you feel can boost your confidence and shows your true self. 

Colors do wonders in getting ready for the day. From warm to cool shades, you have a variety to choose from. Since autumn is coming, how about using autumn leave colors to reflect the season. A variety of palettes to choose from. You may even go by a theme of a color you choose for the day and mixing it up with similar shades. Colors give you personality and attention. 

Last tip to rummaging through your closet is to find pieces that can perfectly match any day. What I mean is that find a shirt or pants that can be easily worn without looking mismatched. A simple T-shirt or a pair of jeans are an easy way to start your day, but try to add some attention to make it less boring. Add a plaid cardigan to warm up that outfit or you may even wanna put on some accessories. Also, it's okay to wear the same pieces throughout the week. Be sure you add a little something extra so nobody will notice. 

I try these methods to help me pass the week without looking too dull. Hopefully, you guys can learn something. As always, smiles are the best accessories. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Sep 5, 2015

Having a bad day? Turn it into a great day

We all have those days where it turns out great or it turns out terrible. In reality, there's no such thing as a bad day. You have the power to choose to make it a good day or not. Keep reading for fun tricks to have a fabulous day. 

The first thing to start the day is your morning. I'm sure everyone's a victim of hitting the snooze button and not getting up. They say that having extra sleep can disrupt your sleeping cycle so don't touch that snooze button. Be sure you grab a good breakfast to continue the day. Try taking your time eating so that you'll savor your food and enjoy it. 

The next step is to breathe in the fresh scent. You'll feel so motivated to bring on the day. I suggest playing your favorite music when you're going to school or work. If you don't have music, just talk to people. They can bring your mood up. Just smile and compliment them. Who knows, you might even start a new friendship

Last tip of the day is to live in the moment. Everyone really hates school or work. We constantly look at the clock, wishing the day to be over. But there's plenty of ways to make your day a better one and it all ends with you. Think about things that you look forward to because this will make you feel motivated to finish the day without any complaints. Some things you can be thinking about when you want a good day are: 
Fashion trends 
Simple act of kindness 

We could never have a perfect day like how we wish it to be. The only power we have is the will to feel glad at the end of the day. Remember that life's too short and the days will go by quick. You'll even wish you had that day back so stay humble and never overlook the future. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Sep 1, 2015

How to be pretty without makeup

Makeup isn't the only way to be beautiful. In fact, real beauty comes from a natural heart. So, if you take good care of yourself then true beauty will radiate. Here are some tips to be pretty without makeup: 

1) Clean skin

The one thing people look for is your face. It has your smile, nose, and eyes. You want to make sure your face is clean from dirt and oil. Make sure you cleanse and moisturizer your skin everyday. Also, protect the skin with sunscreen. Give your skin lots of attention. 

2) Refresh eyes 

Nobody wants tired and puffy eyes. They look scary when talking with people. Be sure you're getting the 8 hrs of sleep you deserve. Try using eyedrops if needed and massage the eyelids to promote blood circulation. I know it can be tempting to use eyeliner and mascara, but try to use it sparingly. You can always curl your lashes if you really want your eyes to pop. And if you can, use contacts because some can make your eyes stand out. Eyes are the windows to the world. 

3) Beautiful smile 

First impressions are always necessary. It all starts with a perfect smile. Your delicate lips need to be taken care of such as using chapstick. Nobody wants to see chapped lips, it's very unattractive. Always have chapstick with you no matter where you go. Soft lips make your smile approachable. And be sure you brush your teeth twice a day. People love to see clean teeth which will brighten anyone's day. Also, it would be great if you can get braces. Nothing is more important than a beautiful smile. 

4) Odor 

To be approachable means to be feeling fresh. Being smelly can ruin from people coming near you. Deodorant or perfume are your best friend so always have this tool handy at all times. Who knows, you might attract that special someone. 

5) Do your hair

Hair can do wonders to being attractive. Brush or comb it through to detangle so that you wouldn't look like that girl who was in a fight. If you want it to be special, curl or dye your hair. Be creative and express yourself with many styles and colors. 

6) Dress to impress

Nothing can scream you than wearing your adorable outfits. I believe if you have a nice outfit then people wouldn't care about you wearing makeup. Wear clothes that you prefer because everyone has a different sense of style. Who needs makeup when you can wear your favorite clothes without the need of perfect contouring, winged eyeliner, or red lipstick.

7) Good heart

You know what they say, "Beauty comes from within." And this phrase is so true because you'll find that having a good personality shows beauty. People will look at you in a positive way. So, don't try to be mean or at least share a little kindness. This is how you feel pretty and confident.

Some tips to staying beautiful without the need of makeup. Seriously, I use these methods because I'm not allow to have makeup and that I want to look natural. Hopefully, these will help you feel good naturally. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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