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Dec 5, 2015

Making a change can do wonders

Do you feel comfortable in your current lifestyle? Give yourself some time to think about anything that's making you uncomfortable. It could be:


Many things contribute to how we feel such as confidence. The only way to know if you're happy is that you don't experience insecurity. List down anything that makes you feel free and happy. Once you've got that, you can track down the negativity in your lifestyle. 

For each point you've taken, think about anything that's disrupting them. I know it's horrible just thinking about, but no worries. For each interruption, it's good to make a change. Let say that your current relationship is corrupting who you are. That my friend must be avoided at all cost. Find a solution is worth it like talking to your partner about how you guys treat each other or cutting all ties with him. There's many solutions to all the problems you're experiencing. All it takes are perseverance and commitments. 

Sometimes, you may feel like not wanting to change the current lifestyle that's already killing you. They can be second-thoughts like,

"He's important in my life." 
"I want to keep it till the end." 
"I don't want to change at all." 
"I'm not used to making a change." 
"I need this person to help me though." 

But think about it guys. Would you want to keep living a life that's suffocating you? Even that little change probably wouldn't kill you so much. Even so, it should be relieving to be done with the negativity that's lowering your happiness. 

Life's too short to keep living in the negativity. Happiness is the key to better opportunities. Nobody wants to die with regrets and sins. We should all spread the joy and give more than to receive.

*So sorry I haven't posted for a long time. I was quite sick these few weeks and been so busy with school and extracurricular activities. But I do try to manage my time in making these posts for you guys. Anyways, thank you again for understanding!*

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Nov 10, 2015

Fall Fashion Trends 2015

Lately I've been working on my project for my fashion marketing class. And to be honest, I was surprised by all the information I've gathered. Stick with me if you wanna know the latest Autumn trends for this year. 

For my project, I had to based it off by 4 components of fashion

-Silhouette: The outlining/contour of the overall piece of apparel.

-Details: Embellishments or accessories that give the outfit a bit of definition. 

-Texture: The way it feels such as the material made into the clothing. 

-Color: Basically, the color palette that speaks to the clothes or trends in season. 

First, the overall silhouette I've found were mermaid skirts, Bell sleeved, and Flared jeans. The mermaid silhouette gives the body a nice shape and elongates the legs. Bell sleeved are priceless with its extraordinary flow around the arms. And Flared jeans could never go wrong during the cold weather.

The details that are commonly used for this Autumn are Fringes, lace, Brooches, and crochets. I never knew that brooches were in season, but they do have a share of giving that outfit a nice touch. Crochets are nice because it gives off that Autumn effect (if you know what I mean).

Texture is important for this season due to the colder weather. Some material such as Tulle, Fur, and Shearling are used for most outfits. I could understand that shearling should be used for these outfits because they're basically wool, but at a different level.

The color trend for this season are your favorite fall colors including different shades within them. I'm surprised that these shades are named. Pantone is a great resource for the color trends.

Loving the cold weather! Let me know what you guys like to wear during Autumn and hopefully you'll be knowledgable for this season.

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Oct 31, 2015

Letting go of connections

It's a real pain in the ass when your special someone leaves you behind. For whatever reason, we all know that we should move on. I've learn that the hard way, but in reality I'm able to become stronger from letting go. 

At some point of your life, you find this person who makes you feel good on the inside. You want to cherish that person and stay with them forever. But sometimes they can't always be with you either from death, separation, disagreements, and so on. We cry tremendously and start having negative thoughts about why are they gone. To be honest it's a fine case that we can learn as a lesson. 

Tell yourself why the two of you guys have left. It may be painful to know what was the problem, but we can understand our happiness at a greater extent. Learn that cutting all connections with them was a better option because you'll have better moments with others you'll meet in the future. And as you move forward, remember what was it that broke the relationship and apply it next time. Mistakes are meant to be life lessons. 

I remember I was tied down by my friend who I cherish my life with. We were like besties until it went downhill when her personality changed and she ditch me for new friends. I was devastated that I felt so lonely and didn't have anyone. Eventually, I wiped my tears and begin to make relationships with other people who made me laugh. Then, I realize how being tied down by someone who didn't give me complete happiness wouldn't make me happier than now. After realizing this, I felt so free from holding onto someone for so long. I started getting better and able to grasp my smile back. 

Everyone is totally different. I'm not sure what's their situation, but if we could relate then I would say that it's okay to let go of your relationship. As time moves forward, we'll experience better moments with many more people. I know it hurts enough that you want to kill yourself, but don't worry it's only the beginning. Be glad we're humans that we can experience all these emotions. Without it, I wouldn't even talk about this topic with you guys. Stay strong beautiful!

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Oct 27, 2015

How to be a morning person

You wake up in your cozy pjs, but feeling so lethargic, you decide to take 5 min of snooze. Before you know it, you're already late! I'm sure being a early bird is a first world problem to almost all of us. But don't fret, there are ways to get you out of bed and start your day amazing. Keep reading for a bonus technique. 

1) Preparation 

Start your morning with some preparation. Try laying out your clothes the night before. Organize backpacks, purses, or suitcase to minimize the time for getting ready. You'll be so glad you did. Also, curling hair can be time consuming so why not use heatless methods. They're quick, simple, and less damaging. Just a little prep can keep you at ease and more time for sleep. 

2) Simple pick-me-ups 

Weird factors can trigger the mood of getting out of bed. Body temperature is one of the things that keeps you from leaving the mattress. Feeling warm and comfortable really makes you wanna fall back to sleep. So keep the thermometer at a respectable temperature that's not too cold or too warm. Another thing is seeing the sunrise. When you look at the sun, it's suppose to make you feel energize. If you can, keep your curtains or blinds open to see that morning glory. 

3) Give yourself a reason 

This tip is crucial if you really need a bit of motivation. As you wake up, imagine yourself starting the day and knowing the motive to waking up. It could be a special day, treats, or someone. Whatever the reason, stick with it because this will make you wanna get out of bed in no time. Plus, you can reward yourself for being a morning person. For example, leave a cupcake on the kitchen table so that you can get out of bed and look forward to the cupcake you saved for that morning. 

4) Be on schedule 

Sleep more and more consistently. What this mean is that when you sleep at a proper time continuously, it'll make it easier for to stop snoozing after the alarm clock. Having irregular sleep is not good for the body. If you're in that position then you can fix that problem. Each day, sleep 15 min earlier than the time you get sleepy then wake up 15 min earlier in the morning. Do the same thing each day by sleeping and waking up 15 min earlier than the previous day. Your body will be trained to be on the appropriate schedule. 

5) Special technique 

Here's the ultimate technique that I find so cool, yet helps my bad habit of sleeping after the alarm. You can do this on your free time which is a easy thing. First, set a bunch of alarms at random times and make sure you don't remember each one. Then, go to bed and pretend you're asleep. Once the alarms goes off, turn it off and get out of bed while pretending to do your morning ritual like brushing you're teeth (but you don't have to brush you're teeth). Afterwards, go back to your bed and wait for the next alarm to go off then repeat that same process over until all of your alarms are done. You can do this technique for a couple of days and you'll find improvement with your habit. Trust me, you're going to feel amazing after this. 

P.S. Please thank Steve Pavlina for this cool trick. I give all credit to him and if you're wondering: 

Thank you for reading. I'm sure this post will help so many of you guys. Always remember that everything is up to you. Get your beauty sleep and have a perfect day with a great morning. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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Oct 17, 2015

Enjoy the autumn season...

Cool weather, baked goods, holidays, and the fresh scent of autumn leaves are all the great things about Fall. Plus, this season is perfect to sink into a relaxing ritual. Here are some tips to indulge a heartwarming break:

1) Comfy clothes 

Let's start by wearing the most comfortable clothes you can find. Pajamas, loose sweaters, thigh socks, and sweatpants are a go-to favorites. I love wearing my favorite loose sweater with thigh socks in bed. Be sure it's very comforting for you to wear. 

2) Lit candles 

I'm sure everyone's favorite item for Fall are the scented candles that reminded them of baked goods or autumn related scenery. Filling the room with a nice scent makes it easy for you to get in the relaxing mood. There are so many candles available in Bath n' Body that I'm sure there's one you'll definitely love. 

3) Cup of tea 

The cool weather makes it easy for us to digest a good cup of tea. Try green tea since it's beneficial for health and the skin. Of course, you always opt for tea that's full of flavors like black tea, pumpkin spice, chamomile tea, cranberry tea, etc. 

4) Read a book 

Reading during the cool weather with the autumn leaves is very soothing for the heart. Grabbing a nice book and smelling the autumn candles in your room is a perfect break. Do you have any books you're reading this season? 

5) Indulge sweet treats 

Do you like baking? This is a great way to get into the spirit of autumn baking like pumpkin spice muffins, cranberry cookies, or a carrot cake. I think Fall is the time for baking so many goods. 

A few tips to start your autumn ritual. I want to know what you guys would do for this season. Let's make autumn a wonderful season this year. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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