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Jun 20, 2015

Being independent is okay

I remember looking at the popular girls at my school and comparing their life to mine. I know it isn't healthy because all I could see was the glamorous life they take upon. It would make me feel so miserable that they have this gorgeous life that any girl would want. But one day, I've finally realized the important aspects of my seclusive life even if it wasn't as glamorous as the girls at school. 

Being an independent girl doesn't mean being antisocial. They can be define as strong, intelligent, and understanding. Having this lifestyle isn't a bad thing because it really allows us to be free and true. We have the ability to learn through failure, careless of other thoughts, and enjoy being ourselves. 

People always make a mistake. I mean it's a natural skill and in return we learn to fix it. But learning to fix the problem on our own is more crucial than having some else. Why? It shows perseverance and bravery. Also, it helps to practice making good decisions and learn problem solving skills. Independent means avoiding dependency from anyone. Ladies, don't be afraid to risk on your own. Be bold and daring. 

There are two types of girls out there: ones who care and ones who don't. Mainly, seclusive women tend to avoid the rude comments because it doesn't really matter at all to them. We don't have any insecurities since we trust so much on ourselves than others. Now, not everyone is completely okay with this skill because there will be a time when you do feel like shit, but it's alright. Don't worry. Fake it till you make it. Keep this skill in your head even with a couple of mistakes and eventually it'll be like second nature. 

Lastly, independency help discover ourselves and true passion. Finding interesting hobbies, knowing what we desire, and defining our true personality is a way to learn who we are as an individual. Everyone is not the same nor perfect. There's many people in different sizes, looks, character, skills, interests, and the list just goes on. But the most important aspect that an individual girl would be is having her own freedom. Freedom gives out many options from looks to personality. Researching your own body and mind does have an impact. We start to feel comfortable in our own body and accept changes that may or may not. Overall, giving yourself some time and focus could allow us to learn our true colors. 

After being seclusive to the outside world, I understand more about myself and how to be brave enough to conquer negativity. There's really no shame having this character because only YOU can bring out the best. Remember to hold your head up high and love yourself.

I really thank you guys for reading this post and hopefully it inspires you to feel okay being independent at times. Even if you aren't that kind of person, it would be wonderful to have a day off and learn something new. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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  1. Such a lovely and insightful post. Truly enjoyed reading this! x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  2. Very passionate post! I really enjoyed reading it as I'm someone who likes to spend time alone over time with others. I live with my grandparents and they keep pestering me to find friends, though I'm quite happy staying around the house and reading, or going on daily hikes and adventures by myself. It's peaceful and yes, it does lead to a lot of self discovery. That being said I do think we need to form relationships with others in order to grow as well. Lovely post, dear :)
    Brooke | brookewrote

    1. I'm really glad that you find this so helpful. It really makes me happy to find that this is so useful for you and everyone else. I really appreciate. Stay strong beautiful ^__^

  3. true inspiration
    new post

  4. Wow, love it!!
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