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Jul 21, 2015

How to (de)stress

Everyday I usually get stressed out from the busy day. I'm sure all of you guys have experience this as well. If you don't know how to relax at the end of the day then don't worry. Here are a few tips I've learn to (de)stress: 

1. Taking a bath

Showering is quick, but let's hold it off. Soaking in warm water soothes the mind and lessen the body strain. Use some scented candles or a bath bomb to give a slight boost of ease. Lush has one of the best bath bombs with real benefits. Plus, adding music or reading to your bath time is a must because it feels like you're away from reality. 

2. Animals

Those adorable pets sure make you happy. Science has proven that house pets is a quick way to relieve stress. I mean who doesn't love these fluffy animals that comfort you whenever you need it. I personally love my sissy's cat whenever he's around in the house. Makes me stop thinking about my bad day. 

3. Lay off on electronics

Yep, that means your phone, computer, and tablet. I know it can be hard having a day without your social media, but let's face it. Studies have shown that computer screens tires your eyes and increases anxiety. So, at least stay away from technology for an hour. You need the mind to stay healthy. 

5. Doing yoga 

Balancing out the heavy days with good yoga stretches. Yoga has so many benefits such as perfecting your flexibility/strength, better performance in workouts, and clears the mind, body, and soul. Plus, it helps you relaxing the muscles which encourages you to fall asleep. I like doing downward dog, cobra, cat stretch, and child's pose. 

6. Taking a nap

If you didn't have proper sleep then this is a good opportunity to nap. Taking a nap clears your mind and increases breathing. Use a sleeping mask if you have trouble sleeping under afternoon times. And it's great to try calm music and a facial mask. Your skin and body will thank you for the relaxation. Daydreaming is consider napping, too. When your mind drifts off somewhere, it means that it needs to turn off for a few minutes. It's not consider a distraction so take the opportunity wherever you are. 

There you have it. A few tips that I've been doing and loving for years. Some suggestions for you guys because everyone has different ways to (de)stress. Remember that to be stress-free is to not procrastinate and manage your time wisely. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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  1. What a lovely post! I find all of these so essential to de-stressing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. great routine is just to lay in bed and listen some music xo

  3. Taking a nap usually does it for me but if I don't want to fall into the trap of just going into a full on REM sleep, I should probably stick to your other tips. Great read!

    BCfactor Blog

  4. Great post dear :)
    After school I always need to calm down that's why I lay in my bed, listen to music and cuddle with my cats.
    xx Katha

  5. Awesome post! Would love to de-stress right now =)

    - Cielo

  6. great post
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  7. OMG this was just the post I needed at the moment!
    Such a perfect timing - how did you know? haha ^^
    I always found that petting my dog, listening to some slow, maybe classical, music and doing yoga where my greatest methods to destress.
    Maybe I should really cut out all the electronics a little more often and just read a relaxing book instead.
    Anyways, great post - thank you for sharing! :)


  8. Great post!
    I agree, cute animals always boost our mood xD
    Btw, mind following each other? Let me know! :D


  9. This is the perfect reminder! Every single one is so right, oh how I wish I had a bath in my flat lol!. I guess the equivalent is spending a long time in the show contemplating major life decisions hahaha! :D

  10. Gaaah I need to do all of this but I can't seem to stay away from my computer!



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