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Sep 15, 2015

Fashion life hacks: 8 ways to wear jeans

Jeans are the most basic apparel that everyone have in their closet. It's also a great piece to fit many different outfits. Here are 8 ways to style your jeans: 

1) Blazer 

Look classy with your favorite blazer. They are so versatile from business wear to casual outings. You could never go wrong with a blazer that compliments the jeans you're wearing. 

2) Fedora hats 

I didn't think fedora hats would be eye catching to jeans. They're amazing to wear in any season. Fedoras look best in short jeans so if you have a pair, then by all means try it. 

3) Chunky boots 

Chunky boots give you that classy look. Even though they can be a pain, but they're worth the fashion. Plus, they can add a nice physique to your figure.

4) Cardigans 

Now, we can all say that cardigans are the most basic piece to wear with jeans. Believe it or not, they give your whole outfit a soft look even if you're pairing it of with a simple tank top. 

5) Off shoulder shirt 

Be comfy wearing your off shoulder shirt or sweater. It's super cute when you're in a lazy mood. I would like to pair if off with comfiest boots you can find. 

6) Plaid shirts 

Plaid shirts/cardigan has been a thing now in my school. It's really eye catching and looks very casual. Most have worn their button down plaid shirts as cardigans. 

7) Roll up your jeans 

If you have a short stature like me, then your best option is to roll up your jeans. Give your jeans a change by rolling them up. Many will think it's a new pair of jeans that you bought. 

8) Tuck in your shirts 

Another simple, but classy look is by having your shirts tucked into the jeans. Best with blouses or flowy shirts for that soft touch. A new style to wear the next day.

We should thank the person who created jeans. Without it, the fashion world will be so boring. I would love it if you guys try these out. If there's a certain way you wear your jeans then please share it!

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^


  1. Yes, to your fantastic tips! I'm personally a huge jeans lover and therefore I appreciate your tips, they are so helpful for me.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Yes to the off the shoulder shirt, such a cute look with and without jeans! Ooo and I can definitely see how cool it would look with fedora hats! Truth be told I don't own jeans any more, once you start getting into muscle building jeans become a serious issue... your leg muscles end up being nice and solid but with a tiny waist so the legs don't fit but the waist does or vice versa hahaha I could probably make it work since I'm little but I just gave up on the idea so wear a pair for me! ;)

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  4. Great tips! Jeans with a blazer or plaid shirt look very cute! :) x


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