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Sep 29, 2015

How to let go of fears

We all have something to be afraid of. It could just be a simple phobia or in an emotional way. Either way, sometimes these fears can affect our social life, but do not fret, there are easy ways to control your emotions when facing your biggest fears. 

Imagine yourself confronting your fears like spiders, heights, stage fright, umbrellas, dark, etc. The first thing you could be experiencing is paranoia which you may look or fidget around your surroundings. A common rule to fight it off is by being calm. I know it's hard to stay calm when the most terrifying thing is right in front of you. Take simple deep breaths and think about conquering this fear. Sometimes it's how you handle the situation than how you take it. So control the emotions and relax. 

Understand why are you feeling afraid. It could be a past experience which is mostly likely the case. Holding onto the past can affect you more than to let it go. Learn from your past so that you're able to do better the next time you come across the same fate. It sound simple and it really is. It's all up to you how you view your challenges. Our mind plays with our emotions too much so don't let them get in your way of proceeding forward. 

The last tip is to know that our world is a nice environment. The way we see things comes from our head and heart. How we perceive things is all up to us to experience the possibilities. You are probably thinking about the worst case of scenario for your fear like masking it with its dark side. But if you look at it with common sense, you'll notice how it wasn't as bad as you think. You'll feel more free and relieve that you're able to let go of the fears that's been affecting you.

It's okay to be afraid from time to time especially when you have a really big fear that stops you from enjoying the nicest things in your life. Relax and stay happy because you never know when we'll die. Live to the fullest.

*School has been making me preoccupied that I'm not able to blog so I'm sorry if I couldn't make the deadline for most of my posts.*

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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  1. Very true what you wrote! I applied a similar technique in my praxis for psychotherapy and therefore I know this can be work very well. Hopefully many people will read your helpful post! Have a nice week <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Funny how you write this piece because the other day, I was thinking about whether I would EVER conquer my fear of spiders, and then I brushed it off and thought "nah". Most of me wants to but a lot of me says no too because I have to face the fear. Weird how the mind works.


  3. thanks for the inspirational post....

  4. Buongiorno, bella la frase, saluti dall'Italia!
    New follower :-)


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