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Oct 3, 2015

Fall colors are in season

Autumn has finally reach its mark which means a wardrobe change. I'm so excited to wear my favorite cardigans, boots, thigh socks, and beanies. The most important aspect about fall is to embrace their cool shades of color. 

Color of the leaves are one example to be part of the autumn season. Orange, brown, dark reds, and black can be your go-to pigmentation. Reflecting the beauty of the leaves as they decay. Try a light brown cardigan with dark red (maroon) pants and a simple black shirt. Be creative mixing n' matching other clothes. Creating an outfit by this theme shows your autumn spirit. 

Remember that colors aren't tolerated to one kind. The palette has a variety of shades that ranges. You can even wear your whole outfit to one kind of color. All pieces of clothing don't have to be the exact same color, so be bold and collect as many shades as you can. The best thing about dressing in the fall is that they have more shades than the rest of the other seasons.

I seriously love autumn not only because you get to wear your cozy outfits, but you can go with the theme. Be as expressive as you can for this season because autumn will eventually go by quick. Also, do enjoy the upcoming holidays and sweet treats. Stay warm loves! 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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  1. This guide to the autumn shades is so important! I really think everyone should read this since I can't tell you the number of people I see walking around in spring colours. Not like there's anything wrong with it if they like that colour but it's still always sort of irritating to see certain colours in this season. I generally really like warm tones for autumn such as reds, orange or browns - you just really have to look at the natural colour scheme in autumn and you can't be mistaken :)


  2. Loving fall shades so much and thank you for sharing this guide to fall colors!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  3. Ahhhh the blues, greens and berry shades just feed my soul! <3

  4. Oooh, I love all of the orange, brown and berry colours this time of year! <3


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