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Oct 13, 2015

10 benefits of exercise

The one crucial activity people always neglect is exercise. Seriously, I was a victim of putting it off. But did you know that working out can benefit so many things that you've probably didn't know about? 

1) Increase endorphins 

When you've had a intense workout at the gym, you're already sweating like crazy. And sweat is so good for the body. Your sweat is a sign for feeling better. What I mean is that the Endorphins are kicking in and creating a happy mind. Don't you ever feel refresh after a good workout especially when you weren't motivated to do it? Well thank your endorphins for making that happen. 

2) Beautiful complexion 

I stress this concept a lot lately and yes, exercises does wonders to your skin. I know it may be crazy to say that when you're body is producing all the nasty sweat and oil. But that's one pro because your sweat has the natural oils of your body. Be sure to clean off the sweat immediately since salt is left on the skin. 

3) Releases stress 

Like I said with endorphins, happiness makes you feel good about yourself. And when you feel happy, you have less worries and more freedom for the mind. If you need a boost happiness, make sure you take a little exercise at your gym. 

4) Boost of energy 

When doing cardio, your body is repeatedly storing oxygen to the tissues. Doing this will give you extra energy to go on your day. Plus, it's a great a way to feel motivated when you're having a hard time. 

5) Weight Loss 

The most basic way to drop a couple of pounds are exercise. Now, we all know this simple secret. You may eat healthy, but if you're not getting any exercise then how can you lose weight? Eating and exercising take a part to a healthy body. 

6) Sleep better 

Lazing around the house without a move of a muscle can easily make you less sleepy which disrupts your sleep cycle. Trust me on this. I would lay around my bed and easily take a 3 hr nap then later at night, I wouldn't be able to sleep at a proper time. So, be sure to get your daily jog or some movement. 

7) Build self-confidence 

An easy way to build your own confidence is to just work out. After all the healthy dieting and exercise, you'll look so good in that crop top or swimsuit. You won't be able to worry as much and stop insecurities. Take this as a way to look good and feel good. 

8) Less chance of sickness 

Being sick isn't always fun especially getting a disease. That's why giving yourself a workout can ward off sickness and improve your immune system. This includes Alzheimer's because they can easily damage your healthy cells. 

9) Easy to feel motivated 

Don't you feel sluggish in the morning? And you need to finish all the work there is, but you just don't have the nerve to do it. Don't worry. Exercise helps you get that gut feeling. You'll be glad to finish all chores and grab your dose of exercise.

10) Control anxiety 

Working out is a great way for people who have anxiety disorders. Besides taking a long bath, exercise helps to relieve all worries. You'll find that it'll be easier for you to relax throughout your day. When you need to forget about something, exercise is your answer. 

There are so many more benefits that working out can do for you. We should be glad that this activity exists within us and that it's mainly free. I hope these key points will make you rethink about exercise. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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  1. Grazie per queste informazioni, molto utili!

  2. Oh you seriously have to love those endorphins! HAPPY TIME! ;) I definitely find exercise really good for my anxiety and stress and it's always a nice way to get your "you" time in too!

  3. That's so true, I love those energy boosts you get & also how light you feel after having had a really good run :'D



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