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Oct 27, 2015

How to be a morning person

You wake up in your cozy pjs, but feeling so lethargic, you decide to take 5 min of snooze. Before you know it, you're already late! I'm sure being a early bird is a first world problem to almost all of us. But don't fret, there are ways to get you out of bed and start your day amazing. Keep reading for a bonus technique. 

1) Preparation 

Start your morning with some preparation. Try laying out your clothes the night before. Organize backpacks, purses, or suitcase to minimize the time for getting ready. You'll be so glad you did. Also, curling hair can be time consuming so why not use heatless methods. They're quick, simple, and less damaging. Just a little prep can keep you at ease and more time for sleep. 

2) Simple pick-me-ups 

Weird factors can trigger the mood of getting out of bed. Body temperature is one of the things that keeps you from leaving the mattress. Feeling warm and comfortable really makes you wanna fall back to sleep. So keep the thermometer at a respectable temperature that's not too cold or too warm. Another thing is seeing the sunrise. When you look at the sun, it's suppose to make you feel energize. If you can, keep your curtains or blinds open to see that morning glory. 

3) Give yourself a reason 

This tip is crucial if you really need a bit of motivation. As you wake up, imagine yourself starting the day and knowing the motive to waking up. It could be a special day, treats, or someone. Whatever the reason, stick with it because this will make you wanna get out of bed in no time. Plus, you can reward yourself for being a morning person. For example, leave a cupcake on the kitchen table so that you can get out of bed and look forward to the cupcake you saved for that morning. 

4) Be on schedule 

Sleep more and more consistently. What this mean is that when you sleep at a proper time continuously, it'll make it easier for to stop snoozing after the alarm clock. Having irregular sleep is not good for the body. If you're in that position then you can fix that problem. Each day, sleep 15 min earlier than the time you get sleepy then wake up 15 min earlier in the morning. Do the same thing each day by sleeping and waking up 15 min earlier than the previous day. Your body will be trained to be on the appropriate schedule. 

5) Special technique 

Here's the ultimate technique that I find so cool, yet helps my bad habit of sleeping after the alarm. You can do this on your free time which is a easy thing. First, set a bunch of alarms at random times and make sure you don't remember each one. Then, go to bed and pretend you're asleep. Once the alarms goes off, turn it off and get out of bed while pretending to do your morning ritual like brushing you're teeth (but you don't have to brush you're teeth). Afterwards, go back to your bed and wait for the next alarm to go off then repeat that same process over until all of your alarms are done. You can do this technique for a couple of days and you'll find improvement with your habit. Trust me, you're going to feel amazing after this. 

P.S. Please thank Steve Pavlina for this cool trick. I give all credit to him and if you're wondering: 

Thank you for reading. I'm sure this post will help so many of you guys. Always remember that everything is up to you. Get your beauty sleep and have a perfect day with a great morning. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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  1. these are some nice tips xoxox

  2. Thank you for sharing your tips! They are sounding good to me as I'm still an owl :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. This is a lovely, thoughtful post - I agree with the laying clothes out the night before technique, it is a life saver! x

    flawedfairytale || Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Considering it's a Monday morning tomorrow, this post will come in handy haha x

  5. Some people just aren't morning persons no matter what they do the night before :) But this advices can help some people to at least become a little bit more of a "morning person" :D

    I'm following you on GFC :)


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