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Oct 6, 2015

How's my life been?

Ever since school started (two months ago lol), I've been preoccupied with so much work and studying. But that's pretty normal for any student growing up. I've procrastinated too much lately that it's affecting my sleep. Even so, I have to sleep in class just for to make up for the lost of sleep. But since it's a new season, I'm determined to finish all my workload by the end of this week because that's when all grades are due. 

Next thing that's been a biggie for me is balancing out my blogging time. At first, I knew it could be hectic trying to make the deadline for my posts. Not only does this affect my blog, but I wasn't able to keep updated with my favorite blogs. The only times I'm able to interact with other bloggers are during my weekend which would probably be on Saturday. The problem is not only because I don't have the time, but I have no motivation. You know that feeling when you're a bit lazy and don't seem to wanna finish your task? Well, I'm a victim of that as well. Don't worry, as promised, I'm doing my best to manage my time more wisely for you guys to stay connected with me as much as possible. 

Oh! Another thing I want to share you guys is the shift of season. I can't believe autumn has finally begin that I'm so excited for the colder weather, fun holidays, colored leaves, my birthday, and the scent of baked goods. So ready to kick in with my thigh socks and big sweaters. I mean who can resist this comfy attire? Seriously, I can't wait to fulfill my bucket list knowing it's going to be spectacular. I think I might show you guys my ootd for this fall if you like. But really, do you guys have any plans for autumn? 

Thanks for hearing me out. I haven't had a personal talk like this for awhile. I probably start making these because it really gets off your chest. I hope y'all understand my situation right now and do support me as I'm doing my very best for you guys. If you have any post suggestions for this season, please tell me! I'll try to arrange it. 

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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  1. Oh, you are really busy at the moment! Wish you by all my heart that you will manage everything - I'm convinced you will do it very good!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. I commend any one that juggles school/studies and blogs or works full time and blogs or does all three, it's a lot to have on your plate, we totally understand! <3 OOOO yay birthday time, so exciting do you have any plans yet??? :D I'm so excited it's spring in New Zealand it's finally getting warm and that sun! :D

  3. Great post

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