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Oct 31, 2015

Letting go of connections

It's a real pain in the ass when your special someone leaves you behind. For whatever reason, we all know that we should move on. I've learn that the hard way, but in reality I'm able to become stronger from letting go. 

At some point of your life, you find this person who makes you feel good on the inside. You want to cherish that person and stay with them forever. But sometimes they can't always be with you either from death, separation, disagreements, and so on. We cry tremendously and start having negative thoughts about why are they gone. To be honest it's a fine case that we can learn as a lesson. 

Tell yourself why the two of you guys have left. It may be painful to know what was the problem, but we can understand our happiness at a greater extent. Learn that cutting all connections with them was a better option because you'll have better moments with others you'll meet in the future. And as you move forward, remember what was it that broke the relationship and apply it next time. Mistakes are meant to be life lessons. 

I remember I was tied down by my friend who I cherish my life with. We were like besties until it went downhill when her personality changed and she ditch me for new friends. I was devastated that I felt so lonely and didn't have anyone. Eventually, I wiped my tears and begin to make relationships with other people who made me laugh. Then, I realize how being tied down by someone who didn't give me complete happiness wouldn't make me happier than now. After realizing this, I felt so free from holding onto someone for so long. I started getting better and able to grasp my smile back. 

Everyone is totally different. I'm not sure what's their situation, but if we could relate then I would say that it's okay to let go of your relationship. As time moves forward, we'll experience better moments with many more people. I know it hurts enough that you want to kill yourself, but don't worry it's only the beginning. Be glad we're humans that we can experience all these emotions. Without it, I wouldn't even talk about this topic with you guys. Stay strong beautiful!

See ya next time! Ciao ^__^
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  1. This is so true Linnie! I truly believe everyone who comes into your life is there for some reason and everyone who leaves has a reason too. We can stare so hard at the pain that we can forget what it's teaching us and has taught has. In learning to let go that in it's self is a very valuable lesson to learn. Sometimes is just time for certain doors to close and new ones to open! Very wise words! <3

  2. So lovely words dear, every one of us is different and the most important thing is to respect each other :-)

  3. Great post~! You're very thoughtful in your writing <33

  4. OMG ! Girl I needed this so much! Thank you so much for uplifting me ! For real.


  5. Thank you for your again so wise words! Hopefully a lot of people will read this as this is absolutely helpful and true.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. great post, it really hits home! way to go, helping others and everything. you da man.

    have a great week!
    love, rach.
    So, hi.

  7. That's such a good advice!
    I actually learned that in my life, I'm better off without some people, it really made separation easier!


  8. I honestly feel like you read my emotions with this post. I went through exactly the same thing recently, I had quite a bad separation from my best (and pretty much my only proper) friend and she left me to hang out with other people. I really feel like now I understand that when certain people walk out of your life they leave the door open for others to come in. Actually my most recent poem on my blog is inspired by this <3

    Noire Beau


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